Chronicle of a Lost Voyage

The following is the transcript of a strange, fragmentary journal found after the disappearance of a cruise ship on which a PHP conference was held in late July, 2016. The apparently doomed ship was last seen drifting northward, toward a strange distortion in the distant air that witnesses could only describe as a kind of portal. Despite the uncharacteristic uniformity of this description, it has been discounted as having any evidentiary value in the discovery of the ship’s final fate, on the grounds of being clearly fanciful and probably hallucinatory.

This journal, the only known surviving artifact of the cruise, was washed ashore in Delaware, and now remains locked in a cabinet in the Maritime History and Studies Department of Miskatonic University. It is bound in what appears to be some unknown kind of vellum, and emits a distinctly unpleasant odor of fish, cordite, and patchouli.

Here now are the disjointed and disturbing words of the only witness to that cruise’s final hours. While obviously demented, the poor author has left us a strangely compelling testament, the careful study of which may yet lead us to some kind of truth.

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