Beer Commercial

[Opening shot of the front end of a large truck. Camera dollies right, pans left and moves in, skimming past a well-known corporate logo on the side, and showing the last large pallet being forklifted on. Camera dollies forward into the loading bay toward steel double doors which open. Camera continues to move forward as a narrator steps into the frame from the right.]

“Hi there. Welcome to one of our breweries.”

[Man stays in front of camera and starts to walk slowly backward. Camera angle is wide, pans up and over a little, showing huge, gleaming factory floor with tanks, pipes, machinery, and people.]

“Our beer isn’t hand-crafted according to some centuries-old tradition. It’s made here, in a clean, modern facility using the best technology available. Oh, we have a master brewer alright… that’s him over there.”

[Cut to man in casual business wear talking with several others in front of a shining metal surface covered with valves and pipes.]

[Cut back to narrator, still walking slowly backward.]

“But he’s not an eighteenth century artisan. He’s an expert in chemistry and works with a staff of professional engineers to produce a volume of product that averages (some number) thousand barrels a day.”

[Cut to dollying shot with camera pointed upward at enormous stainless steel vats.]

“Of course, that much beer passing through these tanks requires rigorous health and safety standards. That job belongs to these guys…”

[Cut to group of men in hardhats and working coveralls, loading a steel drum of industrial cleanser onto a lifter.]

“They make sure that we regularly surpass the most exacting requirements, so that the beer you drink is always absolutely crisp and clean.”

[Cut to office interior. Camera begins to dolly in and left. Narrator enters again from right, following. Camera slows when it comes to a large, expensive desk with a sharp-looking business woman behind it, three-quarter profile, intent on her monitor.]

“We’re a large company because we produce a good product that’s well advertised. Managing the logistics that keep demand satisfied is nearly a science in itself, and we’ve got the best possible people on the job.”

[Woman at the desk glances briefly into the camera and smiles a little.]

[Cut to nondescript hallway with linoleum floors and fluorescent lighting. Camera begins slow dolly toward double doors at the end. Narrator enters frame again from the right and moving backwards.]

“Why are we telling you all this, instead of about our rich heritage and our painstaking attention to craft and our commitment to old-world values?”

[Narrator swings open door, revealing soundstage clearly in the process of shooting a setup. A character actor wearing a colonial wig and half turned away from the camera is shrugging on a period coat.]

Offcamera voice, as through a wall speaker: “Quiet on the set please.”

Narrator, gesturing at the set behind him: “Because this isn’t what you’re buying.”

sfx: thump

[Cut to beer glass just settled on black table. Beer pours in from above.]

“This is.”

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